Just Released – Hockley’s Invocating by Magic Crystals and Mirrors

The Teitan Press has released another book in its Hockley series:

“Invocating by Magic Crystals and Mirrors” is one of Hockley’s own writings. In it he describes the philosophy and method of “crystallomancy” (“crystal gazing” or “scrying through crystals or mirrors”), a practice which has long been associated with ritual magic… Hockley’s is a short work, that is reproduced from an original manuscript, dated 1869, that he presented to Barbara Honywood, a well-known society Spiritualist of the time. Honywood was said to have mediumistic powers, and it seems likely that Hockley prepared and gave the manuscript to her in the hope that it would excite her interest in the process, and perhaps persuade her to act as his “seer.” This Teitan Press edition is the first ever publication of the work. In addition to a full color facsimile of the beautifully decorated original manuscript, Invocating by Magic Crystals and Mirrors also includes a typeset transcription, a fascinating Introduction by Hockley scholar R. A. Gilbert, and the text of the “Invocation of the Crowned Angel,” a related work taken from Hockley’s manuscript records of his personal scrying activities.

Weiser Antiquarian was kind enough to send me a review copy, so I hope to tell you more about this shortly.  They also pointed out their online catalogs to me.  I can recommend these highly, as they typically revolve around a particular subject and provide a goodly selection of works on that topic with a wide range of prices.  Even those unfortunate readers who are bereft of cash will find the photos and item descriptions informative and entertaining.

(And no, I didn’t just say that because I’m getting a free book.  They really are neat, and it’s only out of a sense of fair play for WA’s mailing list subscribers that I don’t blurb them here every time they come out.)

Also, I came across this page on Teitan’s site that details more about their Hockley series and the forthcoming works therein.  I’d like most to see the Clavis Arcana Magica myself…

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  1. I am now in love with a book from a past catalog entitled “Phenomena of Materialisation. A Contribution to the Investigation of Mediumistic Teleplastics.” Mediumistic teleplastics!

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