The Long-Lost Friend: A Short Research Trip

Yesterday, I headed to Cornell with M. and a friend to get some material for the book.  The Brendle and Unger book revealed a few potential sources for Hohman, all of which are in the Early American Imprints series.  Cornell has these works in a database that offers full-text PDFs, with a little assembly required for the larger books.  Thus, I was able to acquire many of the texts that I needed for comparison within fifteen minutes or so.

I then took a book I’d received on microcard to their media lab.  Now, my home library has machines capable of reading microcard, but not for printing copies of it.  Cornell has it set up so you can view the microcard and scan it into a PDF file for downloading.  This sounds really good, until you realize that these two functions are actually found on two different machines.  Thus, I spent a few hours running back and forth between machines like the guy from Metropolis, making notations about where on the microcard you could find a particular item so I could scan it.  Afterward, I had to go through the PDF to make sure I’d gotten the pages right, and I found that I hadn’t in all cases, and that my flash drive had filled up but the computer hadn’t told me, so I lost about twenty pages.  This started the whole process over again.  I’m still missing five pages, but I really don’t care at this point.

Nonetheless, I managed to get a good amount of material which I hope will be of great explanatory value for the book.

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