Dan’s Long-Lost Friend To Do List

Proofread German text

Proofread English text

Philadelphia North American – can we find the articles?

Lancaster Eagle and NY Evening Post – sources for some charms from appendices

Review Brendle and Unger’s notes for volume II of their Pennsylvania folk magic series on braucherei (yes, I managed to track them down)

Sears Roebuck catalogues supposed to list LLF – where to find them for 19th century?

Use of book in Louisiana, Ozarks – proof?

Go through Spamer’s Romanusbuchlein for information on particular charms

Review German folklore journals for relevant charms

Decide which charms from 1837 edition to cover

Get permissions from Special Collections (Millersville, Rochester)

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  1. > Sears Roebuck catalogues supposed to list LLF – where > to find them for 19th century?

    My library (University of South Florida) claims to have them on microfilm from 1888 on.

  2. I have an 1897 Sears catalouge, but I have to say after searching a while I can’t find it. I’m sorry, I thought if I could locate it I could scan the page, but no luck.

  3. Grant, check p.419 – I found a reference that it might be listed among the charms in the back of the jewelry section.

  4. Among the jewelry? I’d never have thought to look there. We do have a reprint of the 1897 at the local library, and if the listing’s not in the book section, it deserves another look.

  5. Ancient History:

    No luck, I just see a lot of watch charms, but I may not know what I’m looking for. There are some with masonic symbols, an ‘odd fellows’ charm of a goat on a chain, the knights of pythias, etc. but no books of any sort. Am I looking for a particular symbol?

  6. No, all I had was a reference that it might be among the charms instead of the books. I don’t have a copy here or I’d have checked myself. Dang.

  7. Remember, though, that the Sears Catalog changed often, just because my 1897 copy doesn’t list it doesn’t mean another year didn’t.

  8. Nothing in our facsimile 1897 and 1902 catalogues, either in the books or charms.

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