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I’m putting the finishing touches on the introduction to The Long-Lost Friend, in hope of sending it out soon to a publisher.

I’m finding the need, more and more, for someone who knows German who can confirm my translations or insights.  A native speaker interested in occult matters would be great – I can find people locally who are familiar with the language, but I’d like to go the extra distance.  No compensation, I’m afraid, but that person is likely to see some documents I’ve obtained through research that you won’t encounter elsewhere.  If you are such a person, or know thereof, please post a comment.

I’ve also sent out a short article on The Long-Lost Friend, presaging much of the material to appear in the book-length version, to a small occult publisher for possible publication.  As you can imagine, you’ll hear about it upon release.

Phil and I had some trouble with EndNote on our Hockley article, but I think I might pick it up and run with it, just to get the damn thing out of the way.  It’s a fascinating article and Phil’s been great, but we’re at the point where the project just needs to get out the door.

I’m putting together an article for The Unspeakable Oath from some notes from my never-finished Cults book (if you saw my articles in Worlds of Cthulhu on the Starry Wisdom and Sacred Flame of Bubastis, you know whereof I speak).  My first look at it confirmed that it was centered around the Gaslight era, so I’ll have to rework it considerably and broaden it out.  I’m still wondering if it will work.  It should.

I put together a brief piece for an upcoming Call of Cthulhu release which is likely the most disgusting thing I’ve ever written.  That it’s true doesn’t help much.  It might succumb to page counts, but it’ll see print sooner or later.

Fury of Yig playtest reports are still trickling in.  Most groups seem to be enjoying it, and I’ll see what I can do to address why the others do not.

It appears that an old piece of fiction – yes, I have one or two – is due to be revised and released – and possibly appear in print.  I’ve also nudged another project I was excited about a while ago to vague stirrings, but I can’t talk about that.

When M.’s having a rough day, I read to her on occasion.  Last night, I grabbed a Native American tale that’s begging to be turned into a Call of Cthulhu scenario or a piece of fiction.  I haven’t decided which, but I’ve had little experience with placing fiction in a paying market.  Hmmm…

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  1. Hi Dan

    I am a german native speaker, living in Switzerland. I research magic and the occult for about 15 years now collecting grimoires and magic texts mostly german ones. My interest is a historical one. To stress it: I am no practicing occultist. So if you need my help, it would be a great pleasure for me. I studied german for a few years so I now how to work with texts. If you are interested, please contact me.



  2. Cheers Dan – you’ve taken a load off my shoulders – I’ve got ridiculous amount going on at present, but keen to get this sorted and get on with something else! BTW, dug up that King quote at the BL today and will send presently.



  3. Hi, I am a German native speaker and would be happy to help. J

  4. Thanks to everyone who’s offered. I will be in touch shortly.

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