The Long-Lost Friend: Perhaps Not Such a Change

So, having begun to transcribe Hohman’s own translation of the 1846 text, I’m rapidly learning why nobody’s reprinted it since.  Hohman clearly was not horribly conversant with the English language, and he seems to have learned it mainly via speech and not reading (switching out “d” and “t,” for instance).  As such, some passages are inept, and the spelling is atrocious.  I doubt there’s any way to publish this as-is and not have it look amateurish.

Nonetheless, the 1846 edition provides some useful material – hardly anything new, but some that’s worth considering.  For instance, Hohman is much more clear about the names of the herbs than the other translators, so I think I’ve managed to nail down all of them.   At any rate, it gives us a little more insight into Hohman’s personality and intent with the book.

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  1. Did TLLF ever appear in film besides “Apprentice to Murder” (1988)?

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