On the Shelf Review – The Alchemy of Immortality

It was in Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s The Complete Vampire Companion that I first ran across a mention of Frater PVN’s The Alchemy of Immortality.  It took years of looking to track down even a photocopy, so I thought I’d share some comments upon it for the benefit of the Internet.  Thus, I present…

The Alchemy of Immortality (part 1):  Vampire and the Aristocracy of Blood, Being An Esoteric Legacy of the Holy Graal including hints of certain sexual formulae which can be utilized by the serious student of Alchemy in the Creation and Nourishment of an alien symbiosis within his/her physical vehicle for obtaining immortality in the flesh (Notes on Certain Aspects of Transcendental Alchemy, Document II)

The Alchemy of Immortality takes us back to Atlantean times or thereabouts, when a group of spiritual travelers utilized sex, drugs, and magic to contact the Old Ones beyond the boundaries of our space-time continuum.  Through further use of these techniques, these individuals made themselves into human-alien hybrids.  Though they became infertile, their powers were great and their lifespans were near immortal. These god-kings assumed control of civilization and led it to new heights of glory.

Nonetheless, humanity soon required chaos and instability to reach its true potential, and the vampire masters stepped aside to allow their former servants to progress.  They went into hiding, distributing their knowledge between two bodies:  the various secret and esoteric societies on one hand, and the sisterhood of prostitutes on the other.  They then concealed their existence through myth and legend, vanishing from history.

Over the millennia, many of these groups became corrupt or self-serving, but they all carried within them some of the seeds of the rediscovery of vampiric creation.  In the meantime, the vampires have worked beyond the scenes to create fertile half-breeds, resulting in everything from charismatic cult leaders to manifestations of psychic power.   Now, in the modern era, the old masters are awakening, and humans are once again assembling the formulae of vampiric creation.

If you can imagine all of the above through the lens of such occultists as Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, and Nema, you have a good sense of the book. The actual secrets of vampirism are concealed behind allegory, though apparently the higher-level sex magic rites of the OTO are key to the processes.

This is quite the book, and it’s even more wild and wooly on an actual read than what I’ve described above.  I certainly hope it comes into print after a while, because even for skeptics, it’s a wildly entertaining little pamphlet that has given me a great deal of inspiration for possible future projects.  If you happen to see this anywhere – a very low possibility – snap it up.

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  1. Very interesting! That reminds me in some ways of the four vampiric/occult books from the Temple of the Vampire that I found in a used book store, each titled The Vampire ______ Bible, with the blank being filled by Predator, Priesthood, Sorcery, and Adept.

  2. Wow this sounds like a very interesting book! I’ve had great fun reading Kenneth Grant (following Borges suggestion that metaphysics can be considered a part of the fantastic literature). Unfortunately this piece seems to be very hard to find (unless your willing to order it from Midian books and pay 25£ for 54 pages!).

    However, I found that Frater PVN is Alobar Greywalker (Bill Siebert): http://alobar.livejournal.com/

    • Yup. Dat’s me.


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