Darrick Dishaw and Venger Satanis on the Necronomicon

Tomorrow at noon Central Time, Warlock Asylum will be debating Satanist and Cult of Cthulhu forum member Jason King on the role of Lovecraft in the Simon Necronomicon, as Darrick Dishaw moderates, on the BlogTalkRadio show The Ooze.

The show will be an hour long, with the last fifteen minutes dedicated to taking call-in votes for who won the debate.

As it turns out, I’ve made plans with M. for all day Saturday and will be unable to hear any of this.  I’m sure many of you will say this means that I have effectively won.

Hey, why not make this official?  The call-in number is (347) 989-1371.  Just start calling at 12:45 PM Central Time.  If you want to listen to the show and pick one of the debaters to win, that’s fine, or you can just tell them that I’m the winner.

Or, I suppose you could do something fun this weekend, the way I will.

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