A New Project

I might as well let everyone know that, along with the Friend, I have a great new project.  I’ll be working on preparing Folger MS. V.b.26, an Elizabethan grimoire of spirit magic, for publication.  I was able to view it during my recent DC trip, and I knew it was a unique work that deserved a broader audience.

The book’s quite a fascinating work that gets weirder the more I learn about it.  The idly curious might learn more about it on this page.  Dedicated grimoire enthusiasts can turn off popups on their browser, click on this link, and run a title search for “book of magic” to see all of it.

Even better than this is that I’ll be working with both Phil Legard and Joe Peterson on this project, two occult experts for whom I have a great amount of respect.

I’ve certainly got my work cut out for myself between these two projects, but I’m optimistic that both will be of great interest.

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  1. Huh. That’s a really weird mix of illustrations. Some real familiar tropes along with a lot that’s really unfamiliar. G’luck on getting it to print.

  2. Wow! That’s a stunning document, and coincidentally just what I need for my current Trail of Cthulhu game. It’s partly set in 1534 but what’s 46 years between friends? I know, quite a lot to a historian but I had been using some LARP props and it’s much nicer to have the real thing.

  3. That looks marvelous and unique! I’m very interested in Oberyon and his crew. Can’t wait.

  4. FYI, David Rankine and co are working on this ms as well. At least he said they were back when I emailed him about it in February of this year.

    For those interested in Oberion, you may also want to check out Sloane ms 3851 and Wellcome ms 4669 (published as ‘A Collection of Magical Secrets.’

    Personally, I had a lot of trouble reading the Folger ms – so I am really looking forward to some sort of published version thereof.

    • David has graciously ceded the project to us, so we’re the only game in town on this one. We certainly will be referring to his books on the topic.

  5. Looks awesome, I hope to follow it’s progress here on your site just like I have with The Long Lost Friend!

  6. Oooh!


  7. Who owns the rights to these texts in the British Library. I’ve thought of doing editions of those that I thought were interesting but I didn’t know if I’d need to tangle with the British library on them.

    I am planning on an edition of the J.F.C. Fuller transcripts of Allan Bennett’s Golden Dawn notebooks though.

    • The British Library owns the rights. I don’t know how exactly they operate, but I’m guessing the texts are relatively easy to get permissions for, with the images being the area where money starts changing hands. I’d say send them a query and see what happens.

  8. Thank you for posting this, I first found out about this book when researching the spirit Birto. I was amazed to find the book and did not know that it could be viewed online.
    Thanks again.
    – Ken

  9. Hi where are you now with your project to publication?

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