Long-Lost Friend: The Mystery of Saint Lorenzo

From the Long-Lost Friend:

Against Burns

Our dear Lord Jesus Christ going on a journey, saw a fire-brand burning: it was Saint Lorenzo stretched out on a roast. He rendered him assistance and consolation; he lifted his divine hand, and blessed the brand; he stopped it from spreading deeper and wider. Thus may the burning be blessed in the name of God, the father, the son, and the holy ghost. Amen.

As it turns out, Saint Lorenzo is Saint Lawrence.  From The Golden Legend:

And the ministers despoiled him, and laid him stretched out upon a gridiron of iron, and laid burning coals under, and held him with forks of iron. Then said Laurenee to Valerianus: Learn, thou cursed wretch, that thy coals give to me refreshing of coldness, and make ready to thee torment perdurable, and our Lord knoweth that I, being accused, have not forsaken him, and when I was demanded I confessed him Christ, and I being roasted give thankings unto God.

And after this he said with a glad cheer unto Decius, Thou cursed wretch, thou hast roasted that one side, turn that other, and eat.

And then he, rendering thankings to our Lord, said: I thank thee, Lord Jesu Christ, for I have deserved to enter into thy gates.

And so gave up his spirit.

Some of these charms are just not that reassuring.

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  1. People oftentimes forget that becoming a saint wasn’t generally an easy task. The popes that died in their sleep and beatified later had it easy compared to the martyrs.

    That said, it’s a funny old kind of magic, telling a story or invoking a parable in a desire to achieve a similar or related effect.

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