Projects Update

If I’ve been a little more silent lately, it’s because I’ve got quite the schedule.  The Folger manuscript keeps shifting on me.  I was fine with the secretary hand just in time for the text to switch to large chunks of Latin.  Once I started to get the hang of the Latin, I started to get series of abbreviations and hard-to-read marginal notes.  We haven’t even gotten to the ciphers yet…

As you can tell, overall there’s little opportunity to actually get into the text and start looking at it and playing with it, which is my favorite part of the project.  That’s where I am with The Long-Lost Friend at this point.  Overall, working on two projects might not leave it as comprehensive as it could be – no way I’m translating all seventy of those recipes from the pirated edition, for instance – but I’ll still be proud of it as a book.

Plus, there’s work, and taking care of M., who has just had foot surgery, and a slight addiction to Warcraft III.

I also have a few upcoming Call of Cthulhu projects, but most of them involve editing and feedback rather than writing.  Tom Lynch has announced a scenario of mine for Miskatonic River Press’ Tales of the Sleepless City, but that’s been done for quite a while.

And Yig is shedding.

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