Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Trademark

Dear Grognardia, Bat in the Attic, Underdark Gazette, Knights and Knaves, and all the commenters thereon who have expressed concerns about Die Cast Games‘ use of “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” on the cover of a recent release:

I greatly enjoy your work, and I appreciate the concerns and legal analyses of trademark that have gone into your debate.  Nonetheless, I should point out that a two-minute search for “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” in the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office databases shows that it is not an active trademark.

That doesn’t mean Die Cast is out of the woods legally, but… come on, folks.



EDIT:  To be fair, at least one commenter figured this out before I did.

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  1. I’m not especially hip to IP law and how trademarks work, but even if “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” is dead, wouldn’t the “Dungeons & Dragons” part still be infringing?

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