The Long-Lost Friend: Bach to Basics

Hohman’s book continues to surprise me.  Here’s one incantation to which I’ve been turning my attention:

Protection of one’s House and Hearth.

Beneath thy guardianship, I am safe against all tempests and all enemies, J. J. J.

These three J’s signify Jesus three times.

Not much there, is it?

The line in the original, as taken from the Romanusbüchlein, is, “Unter deinen Schirmen bin ich vor den Stürmen aller Feinde frey.”  I poked around a little bit, and found that this was part of Johann Sebastian Bach’s motet “Jesus, Meine Freude,” written during his Leipzig period:

I’m going to dig deeper to see if this line was original to Bach or originated in another source.  Nonetheless, it’s a strong and interesting possibility for the origin of one of Hohman’s spells.

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  1. “Jesu, meine freude” was a hymn by Johann Franck.

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