Folger Update

Most of what I’ve been doing lately with my Folger transcription is working on long lists of herbs and mystic names, with a great deal of Latin thrown in.  There’s material of interest, and I’m glad to be working on it, but it’s often a bit of a slog.  Phil Legard’s section, however, is much more fascinating:

I am currently working on the third part of the MS. – containing amongst other things a variant on the Eye of Abraham, coercive toad bones, gaming spells, childbirth charms, magical treasure hunting, talismans and the ascetic necromantic instructions of one Thomas Drowrie.

Lucky bastard.  Who the hell assigned him and Joe that section?

Wait a minute.

In other news, I’d suggest that those who are interested in the charms of wild and mystical places, or those who simply enjoy reading Arthur Machen, check out his recent Almias project, dealing with the mystical geography of Almscliffe Crag near Leeds.  I’ve been dipping into it, and I’m quite enjoying it.

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