Forthcoming: The Sepher Raziel

Llewellyn will shortly release Don Karr’s edition of the Sepher Raziel:

An entire English grimoire from more than four hundred years ago was totally ignored—until this rare and complete volume of magick was brought to light.

Sepher Raziel is composed of seven books in the Solomonic tradition. It includes sections on astrology, stones, herbs, animals, perfumes and incenses, magickal timing, preparations for invocation, the heavens and their angels, magical directions, working with orisons (prayers), the figures and properties used in invocations, the working of magick, and much more.

With the growing interest in magick over the past half century, it is highly unusual for an ancient grimoire to be newly discovered and published. This volume will provide you with practical material you can use—material that was unknown until this printing.

How exactly this differs from Karr’s Liber Salomonis, which is available online, we will see.

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  1. Tangentially related… in November, Swann Galleries will be having an auction of EARLY PRINTED, MEDICAL, SCIENTIFIC & OCCULT BOOKS. The catalog’s not online yet, but should be in a month or two, I expect.

  2. So i guess the “Sepher Raziel – a 1564 grimoire” on the Golden Hoard website is the same as the Don Karr edition posted here. I saw in the pamphlet that came in my Clavis Inferni that the forthcoming Sepher Raziel would be Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series Volume VI. I am a fan of that series and genuinely hope that this edition of Sepher Raziel contains more to to it than the .PDF’s I aldready have.

  3. ES,


    The Doctor,

    You’re right – I’d forgotten about that. This is likely the Golden Hoard edition. We’ll see what’s in it when it appears – we’ve passed the September 1 release date that’s already been given.

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