Labor Day Weekend Update

So, I’m back, having read one book for review and transcribed eight Folger pages (not that those were the longer ones, but it’s still an accomplishment).  As for movies:

Best Movie:  Quarantine, which seemed at first to be a Blair Witch + zombies multiple knockoff but nonetheless grew on us as we watched.

Worst Movie:  The Giant Gila Monster, for several different reasons, but the ukelele numbers really put it over the top.

Plus, we got to rock out to some classic Ronnie James Dio:

More later.

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  1. That’s a cool song! Every Saturday our local country radio station does rock oldies from 7 to midnight, so I called and requested this one last night. He said he didn’t have it lol and played some Elvis song. Oh well, I liked it so thanks.

  2. Dear Mr. Harms,

    I saw you are working with the Folger MS v.b.26. I’ve been interested in this ms for some time. I first ran accross it in an old Maggs Bros cataloge 549, 1929. Since then I see it has a connection with Frederick Hockley and ended up in the Lenkiewicz collection prior to the Folger. I tried to order a CD of the pages but the Folger tells me the cost would be in the $4,000 neighborhood to burn a CD (which seems a bit extreme in view of the actual cost of burning already scanned images to a cd). Since I am working on a detailed study of the Lemegeton handbooks, I was intrigued by the reference to the Lemegeton in such an early ms. I saw a reproduction of one of the pages in Fred Gettings _Dictionary of Demons_ embellished with some lemegeton semions. I wondered if they had been added as some sort of editorial embellishment or if one of the later owners added them. Please don’t take offence, on a personal note I’d like to ask if you sprang for the cost as quoted by the Folger or found a less costly way to obtain the pages?

    Thank you,

    Josiah Bacon

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