Household Conversations

Dan:  I was working on a list of ceremonial tools from the Folger yesterday, and I found a table and chair on the list.  A ceremonial chair!  You usually don’t find a table or altar in the circle save in the later magical traditions.

M.:  Maybe they got that idea from this book.

D.:  I doubt it.  Besides, you’d think they’d have kept the chair as well.

M.:  I’m surprised nobody came up with that independently.

D.:  Me, too.  Maybe they thought it would be more impressive if they just stood there.

M.: But there’s so much you could do with chairs.  You could have all sorts of neat, intricate carving on them…

D.: I think I’d go for cushions.  Or maybe a recliner.

M.:  A recliner!

D.:  I can see it.  A magical circle on the floor, the magician sitting back on his recliner with the remote in his hand.  He’s got the circle for the spirit over there, and the television over there.

M.:  The spirit is called up, and they both watch television.  The spirit asks him to pass the popcorn…

D.:  He’d have to balance it on the point of his sword.

(Question for commenters:  If you were a magician and needed a chair, what kind would you use?)

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  1. The chair in a magick temple is, of course, the magician’s throne! That was a no-brainer.

  2. What about the Devil’s Seats?

  3. I’m not a magician, but I do have a nice chair I made out of a WW2 ammo box with a cushion on top. It can be used for storage, is the perfect height for a computer desk, there’s no back so you can sit at any angle you want, and it’s sturdy enough to stand on.

  4. I’d have to pick a computer chair with wheels. Easier to cart from ritual to ritual.

  5. I am more humble and don’t need a fancy chair. My assistant would get on his/her hands & knees if I needed to sit.

  6. While my Traditional seat would be the Thule’s stool (þular stóli – see Havamal St. 111) but I would much rather have a “Lazy-rus” Boy recliner as my evil seat of evil magic… but I’d probably just fall asleep before I achieve world domination.


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