To cut a stick, that you can beat a person far away

Let’s face it; if you haven’t wanted a stick you could use to beat people far away, you probably haven’t thought about it before.  During my Friend research, the following one showed up in a collection of Franconian charms.  It’s a quick translation, so I do not vouch for it – or for beating people at a distance, for that matter.  It’s simply for the purpose of humor.

“When the moon is new on a Tuesday, go out before sunrise, comes to a stick that you have previously chosen, hold it with your face toward the sun and say these words:   I reach up to plug in the name of God the Father +, + the Son and the Holy Spirit +. Take your knife in your hand and say again: I cut you, stick,  in the name etc. + + +, that thou shalt be obedient, which wants to fight me when I take a name. After that cut a little away at 2 locations in the stick,  that you can write, stab, or cut these words:

Abia, Obia, asbia.

“Put a stick on a molehill, strike this stick with the one you made, and call the people’s names, which you want to beat, and strike bravely, and you will hit a faraway man as hard as if he were under your stick. Instead of a molehill, one can also affect the threshold of the door.”

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  1. This is not the sort of information you want your little brother to have. I’ve already got my Dan-beating stick picked out…watch out for that new moon!

  2. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac (say what you will about their weather reports, their astronomical info is usually spot-on) older brothers will be safe till January 2011. After that you have to wait till May or September that year.

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