Overall Update

About a week ago, I decided to put aside the Folger manuscript for a little while.  Not that I still don’t intend to publish it, but I think the Friend needs to be a priority for a while, as it’s close to being done.

I’ve been going through my new flash drive filled with all manner of sources on German brauch that I’ve downloaded from Google Books and the Wikimedia page of German folklore publications.  So far, I have three categories of materials I want to examine:  those I need to get through interlibrary loan (a few sources here and there), those I can’t find due to lack of information on titles and authors for folklore articles (a few more), and those which I’ve managed to download (surprisingly, most of them).  Now I’m going through and evaluating the various sources.  Typically, an article which has one incantation that turns up in the Friend will have one or two others, so it’s time well spent.

I spent a few hours yesterday at the local university library, looking through their reference books on herbal medicine.  I’ll include a warning at the beginning of the book that users should consult a doctor before using the remedies, but it might be nice to give an idea as to what has been proven by medical science, what’s folk medicine, and what will likely outright kill you (e.g. eating many ground peach pits).

Also, I have a small trip set up for November to get back to Berks County to finish up some local history sources.  Some of it will be background work on Hohman, while the rest will be profiling some of the individuals named in his testimonials.

I’ve set a goal for December 1 for almost all of this to be done, at which point I’ll pick up the Folger again.  I’ve made some good progress on it, so I’m hoping to have the initial work done by the end of January.

I won’t be done with Hohman, though, as I’ve been asked to write a Cthulhu Mythos story for an upcoming anthology.  (I’m largely doing this as a favor to M., who loves fiction and keeps asking me to write some.)  I picked “John Georg Hohman versus Obscure Mythos Entity,” which I think is a safe bet for not treading on anyone else’s toes.

Once that’s out of the way, I’ll be jumping on the next Call of Cthulhu project, for which I’m doing some preliminary reading on alchemy, earth mysteries, and other topics.

The New Orleans game is tough to manage but still a great deal of fun.  It’s more difficult in a blog format to come to consensus on actions, but the group has settled into their new home and seems to have arrived on a starting investigation:  the death of the man who brought them together.  Of course, some of them just want to dress up in wildly eccentric outfits and visit art galleries.   One of the nice functions of an online modern game is that you can toss in links like this to make everything come alive.

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