All-Around Update

I am buried, I tell you, buried.  A few updates:

  • The Unspeakable Oath is looking for submissions for a few of their shorter items.   If you’ve ever wanted to get into game writing, due to some masochistic impulse, this would be an excellent opportunity.  Go to the list and submit something.  I’ll add that, as artifacts and tomes guy, such pieces are usually better when written in terms of what the investigators find, rather than writing a back story with no way the characters can discover it.
  • For those who haven’t heard, Cthulhu has made a guest appearance on South Park.  The latest episode includes not only the Lord of R’lyeh, but also the Necronomicon, including a glimpse of the Simon Necronomicon sigil, and a weird ceremony with copies of Arkham Horror on the shelves behind them.  It was a lot of fun.
  • I had a nice, quiet Halloween with some friends.  I read a sonnet from “Fungi from Yuggoth” around a crackling fire.  We didn’t get to indulge in bad movies as we had previous times, but we were able to fit in the extended version of Horrors of Spider Island nonetheless.  I’ll toss in a link to the whole thing:

  • I’m slowly working my way through the materials for The Long-Lost Friend, including mountains of German articles and the Silver John novels of Manly Wade Wellman.
  • The blog game is going well, though encouraging people to post is always difficult.  I think the group has managed to turn up at least four plot lines for investigation, featuring mysterious murders, a creepy arts dealer, watchers in St. Louis Cemetery 1, and an electric pentacle a la Carnacki.
  • Yig was getting ready to shed again, so I thought I’d let her try it on her own.  Today, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I gave her a good soak.  I’ll head home shortly to see how she’s doing.


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  1. It might help y’all’s submissions slightly to include properly formatted samples that give an idea of what you’re looking for. At least for the standard stuff.

    • I’ve put up a couple of items on the Unspeakable Oath website that might help.

  2. I might have something I can put in…

    • Also, what’s the deadline on these? Just whatever is suitable, first?

      • The regular deadline’s past, so soon, I think.

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