My Online Game – The Royce Trust Operatives

As I’m spending more time with game blogging, I thought (as did the players) that you might want to take a look at our modern New Orleans game.  It’s about two parts Call of Cthulhu, two parts New Orleans folklore, and a half part Unknown Armies.  So far, I’ve worked in elements of Lovecraft, Bloch, Smith, Hodgson and Delta Green. Also, the group seems to be spending a lot of the time eating.

The four characters are Quin Deleaux, oil rig operator turned break-in artist; Michael McGlen, Arkham Horror gangster turned modern mercenary; Evan Kredik, portrait artist whose subjects tend to meet bad ends; and Zizi Amour, burlesque dancer who works at Club Vex.  You can find out more about them here.  They’ve all moved into a mansion in the French Quarter once inhabited by a kind-hearted occultist with a mean streak (intriguing man, he was) who was the victim of a hit and run.  They have no idea why they were chosen in his will, and they’re trying to follow up on his investigations while keeping alive and making a little money onthe side.

For those who’d like to see how the game develops, or merely if I’m any good at fiction, we’ve got a prologue, Turn 1 (arrival at the Vanning House), Turn 2 (the first meal), an Interlude (in which a surprising aspect of the house is uncovered), Turn 3 (in which the group discusses its options), Turn 4a (examining the scene of their benefactor’s death),  Turn 4b (visiting an art gallery), Turn 5 (a visit to the cemetery,  and the plot thickens), Turn 6 (a surprising offer at a local restaurant), Turn 7 (in which we have a break-in, sinister figures, and another meal), and Turn 8 (arrival at the Louisiana coast, along with a ploy that half pays off).

I haven’t enabled non-player comments on the other blog, so feel free to add them here.

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