What’s Going On

Another multiple topic update:

  • A good Thanksgiving/Christmas with M. in West Virginia, with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and their new baby.  We have video of him opening, with assistance, his new “Baby Cthulhu Hungers” sleeper.
  • M. and I did some tooling around the countryside, visiting the Palace of Gold and the former State Penitentiary.  We saw the Grave Creek Mound across the street from the latter, but hunger intervened before we could visit the museum.
  • The Friend is done, save for some particular items that need to be checked (e.g. what the hell Quarilaserum is).  I’ve got a letter to send to my German correspondent.  Chris Bilardi, author of The Red Church, caught some errors in the introduction which I spontaneously sent him, so I spontaneously sent him the whole book for comments.
  • I’ve turned to the Folger manuscript, so I’m back at the transcriptions.  I can usually do about one page a day before fatigue with the process sets in, but I’m capable of the long haul on it.
  • The short story is taking precedence now.  Right now, I’m ladling on the historical details, which might make it very good or very poor.  I’ll just get it down and sort it out through the revisions.
  • Last night, I was writing along and needed the name of a villain – and a real-life name jumped onto the page.  It was an odd choice, but I think it can work.  Plus, I’ll get a ballooning sequence out of it.  (Let’s see if anyone can guess who it is in the comments.)
  • After the fiction is done, I’ll be starting serious work on the Call of Cthulhu project I previously mentioned.  There’s been no official announcement yet, but so far I’ve turned to Lovecraft, some previous releases for the game, and Google Books for some insight.  I will add that working with these people is going to be a pleasure – everyone is quite gung ho about the project.

Last I checked, it was snowing outside.

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  1. Quarila is a local variant name for stuffing cucumber. Granted, I don’t know if that’s at all helpful since stuffing cucumber is mostly native to South and Central America.

  2. First thought concerning a ballooning villain: Montgolfier?

  3. I wonder if “Quarilaserum” is something like “quadri lacerum.” Looking at the other words in the recipe, I wonder if they are renderings of what someone heard spoken, because they don’t look like real words otherwise, not even pharmo-Latin. Lacerum means cut in Latin. A plant with four leaves or leaflets? Seems I remember seeing a similar word in an old incense recipe maybe six years ago. Quatro-something that I could not find or identify. It was a grimoiric recipe. I will see if I can remember it or find it.

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