Yes, I’ve been off playing World of Warcraft.   Luckily, I entered just after Cataclysm, bringing the other players to a comparable level of confusion.

For those who care – 40th level Forsaken warlock, and 18th level night elf druid, on the Durotar server.  I’m greatly enjoying the warlock, as many of the Forsaken quests are very much along the lines of “kill and poison a lot of creatures,” and there’s a nice story to many of them.   I’ve also come to appreciate the superior level of AI in this particular game – it’s nice to see your allies not get stuck in corners, with one or two exceptions.

Nonetheless, I’d voice opposition to the “roleplaying” part of MMORPG.  My experience has been that the quest-based levelling requirements tend to override the actual personality of the character, unless you really enjoy going out into the woods and killing lots of creatures for XP.  There’s a series of quests in the Western Plaguelands, for example, that involve helping local druids to revive life in the land.  I thought I’d avoid the entire bit, until I realize that, at this stage, they want Morthylla to kill things and she wants to do that, too.  She also was given a young druid under her tutelage, and she did her best to corrupt him.  She still doesn’t get their distaste for corruption and poison and disease – what’s wrong with them?

The writing continues nonetheless, albeit at a reduced pace.  I’m about halfway done with the first draft of the story, keeping to one page a day on the Folger manuscript, and thinking about the Cthulhu project mentioned previously.  I have a few recent gaming releases I’d like to discuss, when I get a chance.

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  1. I play an undead warock over on the Anub’arak Server. I haven’t the chance to do the new lower level content as I’m attempting to grind to 85 in a decent pace while still showing up to work. Feel free to add “” to your real id friends list.

  2. Dead to me Harms. Dead to me.

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