An all-around update:

  • Just had a great chat with the guys on the Ooze on Lovecraft, the Mythos, and the Necronomicon.  It was also good to hear from Warlock Asylum and Tyagi Nagasiva.  For anyone’s interesting, the phone ringing partway through was M. calling to tell me that her life had just reached the 2:30 mark in this song and that she was changing course before it could all play out:

  • I’m annoyed with World of Warcraft, due to some ridiculousness with inadequate explanations of dual-talent specialization.  I may stop playing, largely because I just realized this morning everything I can do now that I’m not playing.
  • Our New Orleans game went on a short hiatus, but it recovered and is back with a new installment featuring drunkenness, gunshots, and an artist about to do something possibly suicidal.
  • Pelgrane has just released the PDF pre-orders of  Kenneth Hite’s Bookhounds of London.  On the upside, it looks like a fun book.  On the downside, I keep getting this stuck in my head every time I think about it:

  • I have a scenario review coming up soon.  No, really!
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  1. I really enjoyed the radio interview Dan. It was one of the best. Very clear and concise!

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