Dan’s Update

It’s been quiet on my end for a few reasons.  First, I’ve got a few projects on which I’m doing intensive work, but none of which are at a stage at which I can discuss them publicly.  Call of Cthulhu gaming and grimoires are featured prominently.  People excited about either of those will be excited about these projects.  Yes, I know that’s not impressive now

I’ve finished my transcriptions of my two-thirds of the Folger manuscript, and I’m stepping ahead to transcribe the Oberion piece.  I might be presenting a piece in a local venue on the king of fairies, so I wanted to get a grasp of that material for myself.  We’ll still need to correct our readings and then decide how to present the material – e.g., original or modern language?

Another item on my plate is a tremendous book on magical practices in the ancient world I’m reviewing for a print publication.  I’m almost done with its 600+ page bulk, but it’s preventing me from getting to any reading other than review and project-related material.  I’m looking forward to dipping into one of my favorite Christmas gifts – Gideon Bohak’s Ancient Jewish Magic, which is scheduled for release in paperback in March.

The New Orleans game is still coming along, with the bulk of the group off at Cocodrie investigating a mysterious series of deaths, save for the one trying to deal with thieves and unscrupulous art dealers.

I should also add that my personal belief system took a curious and different turn over the winter break.  As I didn’t talk about my beliefs to begin with, this can start a new and exciting round of speculation as to what I actually believe.  Have fun!



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  1. Have you abandoned your belief in Glycon? The puppet snake will be *most* displeased.

  2. yes very nice

  3. I’d love to see the Oberion piece when you are done with it (if that’s something you are willing to share). To me, that’s the most interesting part of the whole ms.

    I had trouble transcribing some parts of the procedure, so here’s hoping you have better luck. Also, you may want to compare the overall procedure to that listed in ‘Book of Treasure Spirits’ by Rankine/Skinner.

    Any thoughts why there are so many variations of the seals for both Oberion and his attendants?

  4. I know about your belief system Dan..Lol! I look forward to seeing some of your new work. Happy New Year!

  5. Dan,

    I recently ordered a scan of a manuscript containing magical material from the Wellcome Library. Among other things, there is an experiment, in Latin, involving Oberion with a similar humanoid figure.

    I emailed Joseph Peterson about it as well. If you’re interested please email me.


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