Folger Manuscript Comments

Given that this blog has swung overly toward the gaming end lately, it’s time to head back and talk a little more about the Folger manuscript.  And some of you are helping to bring us back.

Alvin says:

I recently ordered a scan of a manuscript containing magical material from the Wellcome Library. Among other things, there is an experiment, in Latin, involving Oberion with a similar humanoid figure.

I emailed Joseph Peterson about it as well. If you’re interested please email me.

I think I took a quick look at that manuscript during my London trip.  My analysis was, “Boy, this looks like it’ll be a handful to read.  I’d best get back to the Hockley material I came to read.”  Nonetheless, this is definitely something we’ll be looking into, so we appreciate the tip.

Theodor writes:

I’d love to see the Oberion piece when you are done with it (if that’s something you are willing to share). To me, that’s the most interesting part of the whole ms.

We probably won’t be putting the whole Oberion piece up before the book goes out.  After all, that’s one of the main sales points.  Nonetheless, if you have specific questions, I’m happy to start a discussion thereon.

I had trouble transcribing some parts of the procedure, so here’s hoping you have better luck. Also, you may want to compare the overall procedure to that listed in ‘Book of Treasure Spirits’ by Rankine/Skinner.

For my part, I didn’t find the Oberion material to be overly difficult to transcribe.  That distinction falls to the material in Latin, or the ciphers later in the manuscript.  At any rate, we will definitely be checking up on the Book of Treasure Spirits, as well as some other experiments of Oberion that are floating around out there.

Any thoughts why there are so many variations of the seals for both Oberion and his attendants?

Why so many variants?  That’s a hard question, given that I haven’t yet dipped into the iconography of the manuscript too deeply.  Nonetheless, I’d suggest it might be an effort to cover one’s bases to shield oneself from criticism.  I’ll take a look and talk about it with my project members.

Now, given that I’ve heard from Alvin and Theodor, I think Simon owes me a letter…

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