Writing Morning

Meggie, the monitor for my Big Read, gave me the evening off last night.  I played more Warcraft than I’d like to admit and stayed up very late.

This morning, I misread the alarm clock across the room, and got up four hours early.  I didn’t notice until I’d gotten up, fired up Word, and started Battlestar Galactica running in the background.  After that, I figured I’d just start working on the Call of Cthulhu project that hasn’t been announced yet.

Today was a workman’s day for the manuscript.  Sometimes writing comes easily, when ideas are thick or you’re writing about a topic about which you’re knowledgeable or passionate.  Other days are more work-like; you have no great ideas, or you need to get some organizational work done on the manuscript, or you need to do research for practically every word but still hit the word count.  I’ve come to realize that it’s the latter that really makes the writer, the days when the passion ebbs but duty remains.

I usually hate a manuscript by the time I’m done with it.  That’s how I know it’s ready to go.  Maybe other writers feel differently, but it helps to bring a project to a close.  I’m still far away from this one.

Time to get back to reading.

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