Dan’s Big Read, Part 2

So I finished up both Gideon Bohak’s Ancient Jewish Magic and Huon of Bordeaux.   Huon of Bordeaux was the same as previously described, so we’ll move on to AJM.

Bohak’s work is truly a piece of wonder, and it’s a shame more hasn’t been done for other belief systems in a similar manner.  We do have at least one bump in the road:  when asking the question, “What is Jewish about Jewish magic?” Bohak confines his inquiry to the magical literature.  It might have been better to accumulate what outside evidence we have of Jewish belief, practices, and culture from other sources and then re-examine the magical literature and finds in that light.  Nonetheless, all of my previous comments on the book still stand, and it serves as a milestone in the historical study of magic.

I’m well into Geosophia and Drums of Chaos at the moment, and I’ll likely be devoting regular review space to both when they’re done.

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