Kenneth Grant Followup

The news of Kenneth Grant’s death has spread across the occult community, and many people have offered up their condolences and experiences with the man and his work.   Mr. Grant was quite influential and controversial, so it’s good to see people put aside their differences to speak regarding him.   So far, I have yet to see anyone stoop to using this occasion as an opportunity to promote their own agenda or legitimize some scribbling as the “channeled revelations” of Mr. Grant, and that heartens my views of humanity.

Now, let me stop by the Cult of Cthulhu website for no particular reason.

I meditated via astral projection and night striding so as to intentionally cross paths with Abdul Alhazred, long dead disciple of the Old Ones; Kenneth Grant, who has recently passed; and Simon (of Necronomicon fame) who shall soon be no more. In my conversation with their energy signatures our words became wild and twisted; voices became whispered croaking as if we spoke by way of demon frog. Alhazred, Grant, and Simon passed what inspiration they had into these sacred ramblings which you will be reading in a moment, after this brief introduction. However, since I was required to take dictation primarily by way of numbers, colors, and certain fragrances there are a few sections which may or may not have been the exact words of those energies. Plus, they occasionally talking all at once.

Sigh.  Stay classy, Darrick.

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  1. Simon shall soon be no more? Sounds ominous…

  2. That it did. I personally don’t want anything bad to happen to Simon, except for my continued attention to him.

  3. Ahh, good ‘ol Venger Pretendis, the biggest and most true Ip-Sissy-Miss on the web. There was perhaps a time when he could have been a footnote in the history of modern magickal systems working in a Lovecraftian current, but he’s such a pathetic and dishonest fraud lacking any sort of credibility, that I think he ruined that chance when everyone saw how much of a ignorant fool and blatant liar he was.

    Oh, and Dan, many thanks go in part, to your great detective work on Dishaw. His planned “Emerald Bible” (what is it with that guy and green?!) slated for publication by Nephilim Press in late 2010 was cancelled when they learned of his plagiarism. This was the second time he potentially had a publisher lined up, only to be blacklisted and kicked to the curb when they discovered his illicit acts. I guess he was too stupid to figure out plagiarism will follow him around the rest of his life…

  4. I just recently caught on to this in one of my recent posts, on a different subject though. It seems like some things change and some things don’t.

  5. Ouch! Your criticism wounded me with your rapier wit, Joan Rivers… er, I meant to say Dan Harms.

    What, you’re saying Kenneth Grant didn’t have a sense of humor? Now that just seems outright mean to tarnish his memory in that way. Also, thanks for bringing that typo to my attention. My editing isn’t perfect.

    @Paul: Yes, sad to say I predict that Simon will die within the next 3 years. Not by my hand, of course, that’s just what the spirits told me.

    @Chess King: Didn’t your shop in the mall close down years ago? Anyways, saying that I plagiarized anything in Cthulhu Cult is a lie. In any case, not having The Emerald Bible published by Nephilim Press was a blessing in disguise for many reasons.

    @Warlock Asylum: Keep playing both sides of the fence, hoss. Hopefully, it works out for you in the long run… but I doubt it.



  6. @Venger Santanis. Actually you should appreciate that Dan has been very patient with you, and could really take thing up a notch. All he is doing is offering his critique of the material that you publicly posted.

    If you remember, Hohn Wisdom Gonce III co-authored a book with Gan Harms. Gonce also works with governmental agencies that investigates occult crimes. Dan could have easily went to Gonce and reported you for attempted murder. here it is that you openly admit in the following youtube video that you put a death curse on Dan Harms and don’t know why he hasn’t died yet!!! Thatr is an illegal action in the state that you are living in whether it s a magical act or not. You should know this. meanwhile you expect everyone to bow down to you when you are offering your community nothing, but insist on taxing our opinions for your own self-praise.

    If i were you, I would just be thankful that Harms hasn’t went to the authorities because in the eyes of the law, we really don’t know what extremes you would go to to ensure that this “death-spell” actually works.

    Now your trying to convince us that this is how a Fourth Way adept works? These are the emotions and acctions of someone who has reached the grade of “Ipsissimus?” No, I am not going to agree with that. Here is the evidence:

  7. sorry for the typos. Hit the post key by accident

  8. @ Cringer Pretendis,

    “Chess King” as in Kasparov, not a mall, you halfwit degenerate.

    So, your book – so hyped and lauded in your waning circle of idiocy until you quietly had to tuck your testicles back in your green Hello Kitty gaff and bury the news of the cancellation, was a blessing in disguise, eh? So what is your blessing now, stealing prose from Grant? Or maybe self-proclaiming another personal grand title, this time from Islam? Are you an Imam now, perhaps, to capitalize off the unrest in the Egypt? Or is it now prostituting yourself out as a fake motivational life coach?

    What, those glossy, high-end CGI enhanced 8.5 x 11 photos you were charging at $30.00 on Facebook that made you look like a 60-year old aborted fetus from a couple with the “Innsmouth Look” not covering web fees this month? Or maybe that stand-up comedy act not working out? I can’t see why it’s failing, as your “cult” is the most hilarious thing on the web!

    See Pretendis, you’re a fraud, a liar, and an ignoramus, and everyone knows it. But the life coach is the biggest laugh of all, because reading in your own words about your pathetic lifestyle, tells us all you have the most dysfunctional life in the world! You’re the last person on earth to give anyone lessons, except for “What Not To Do.” Your entire being is one abject failure broadcast wonderfully on in HD, and the only reason why you’re even allowed breathing room, livelihood, or any recompense, is because of your self-admitted proverbial; but also quite literal, sugar daddy. If your father cast you out and told you to make your own living for even a year without his help, what skills would you have to survive? What life lessons would you be offering now? How to plunge the toilets or mop the floors at Chuck E. Cheese?


  9. I cannot even begin to see how the above messages relate to the death of Kenneth Grant.Your otherwise excellent site is not enhanced by these tiresome and adolescant exchanges. The very names under which these ‘writers’ post speak dreary volumes. Anyway, although I share little with Grant’s personal philosophy his works struck me as powerful and fairly original, and he was always most generous with me in the time he spent replying to my long-winded letters. The fact that he avoided publicity like the plague is a high achievement in my eyes and I lament his passing.
    Tony Fuller

  10. Tony, I think the above replies simply illustrate how far off the deep end Mr. Disahw has gone. And while I agree in one sense consistent talk of Dishaw by Dan tends to keep him in the spotlight, on the other hand it serves as almost a historical record of his (Darrick’s) craziness, as well as showcases his outright lies, fraud, and other unsoundly acts that may be bigger than just a guy with a pretend cult; but could also be legal affairs (such as the plagiarism). After all, I think it’s safe to say Dan’s site is the purveyor of truth when it comes to Disahw, so it’s probably best it’s updated so people who want to know the real story can find out in real time.

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