The Big Read and Other Matters

In case anyone has been wondering about the Big Read, it’s slowed considerably with Warcraft creeping its way back.   Nonetheless, I was able to finish off Christopher McIntosh’s The Devil’s Bookshelf, now long out of print.  Somehow I ordered the cheapest used copy available, managing to end up with Anne Rice’s personal copy.  It’s more than superseded by Owen Davies’ Grimoires – which, I should point out, is now out in paperback – but we still have some interesting thoughts on the origins of the Petit Albert and another short Abramelin experience, among others.

My current reading, which is taking a while longer, is The Sagas of the Icelanders edited by Jane Smiley.  They’re often gripping sagas with a touch of the supernatural, such as the making of staffs of scorn or charms that ward off weapons.  I’m bogged down in the middle of the book, as I’ve run into a large number of stories about relatively respectable families, while all the weird material occurs in tales involving criminals and the like.  I’ll see how much further I get with it.

I’m in a holding pattern on three or four projects, largely self-imposed, until I hear otherwise from various people.  I’ll update all of you as I know more.

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