Shams al-Maarif Update

I wanted to update everyone on the latest news on the Shams al-Ma’arifThis post on my Grimoire Wish List about the book is one of the most popular on this site, with dozens of people asking when an English translation will be available.

In late January, I found that WordPress had caught two comments from an individual claiming to sell an English translation to people.  I was skeptical, so I wrote this person and asked for a review copy.  After repeated emails, we found ourselves at an impasse, as he was unwilling to send one, and I was unwilling to send money.  He did offer to send me a few pages, but to me, that tells me nothing about the book as a whole.

Now, I’m not one to insist on a review copy before I cover a book.  I’ve actually purchased quite a few of the books I’ve reviewed here on the site, and I work to adhere to the regulations on blogging to let people know what’s a review copy and what’s not.  (Those rules were obviously written by a person who has no knowledge of how reviews of any sort were written, but we’ll pass over that for now.)  Nonetheless, to obtain a copy, it was clear I’d have to send over fifty dollars to a private individual in a European country, and that’s not a step I’m willing to take.

Thus, I can say the following:  Yes, there’s an individual out there who says he’s selling an English translation of the Shams al-Ma’arif.  No, I haven’t seen it.  No, I don’t know if it’s any good – when the translator says his English isn’t too great, that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.  Yes, I can say in general that sending large sums of money to individuals in foreign countries is not a good idea.  No – I’m not going to link to it, given what I’ve already said.

Now, for all I know, it’s a wonderful translation and the people doing it are quite upstanding.  I don’t know that, however, so I can only advise people who see it advertised to proceed with caution.

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  1. If you’re referring to this guy, shamsalmaarif.(omitted).com, your instincts are dead on. The translator’s English is terrible and the PDF he’s selling for $50 is of little value, at least in my opinion. Not knowing the original language I cant speak to the accuracy of his translation, but, as one well acquainted with English I can say its nearly unintelligible.

  2. hey Dan! i can give you at least three different versions of the Shams, but they re in Arabic. Dunno if that helps…

    • Hi Asterion, i would like to obtain the Shams in Arabic can you assist.

  3. I had actually ‘purchased’ what this fellow claimed was his translation of the book. After staying in contact with me until he collected my Western Union payment, he simply disappeared. Vanished. I never received the book or an email explaining the reason he stopped replying. Only then was I absolutely certain that his ‘translation’ is as fictitious as his name (which apparently he had three or four of). I also made note of the videos that were uploaded to his website… a paper-cut gingerbread man suspended by a piece of string wouldn’t convince anyone except the most silliest of people, such as me.

    His site has shut down (thankfully), possibly to prevent further attempts at the robbing of unsuspecting fools like myself.

    I was in a state of desperation when it happened, and in such times it calls for desperate albeit foolish measures.

  4. Do tell us the name of the perp and the website, it would be usefull for future refference 😀

  5. @Asterion
    Yes, sorry. I forgot to mention that. He went by the name of Belaoui Karim. However, my Western Union payment went to a Hicham Lahmidi. His website, XXXXX is still there after all, now that I’ve checked it. The email address I contacted him with is on the site but he’s also registered to the French Yahoo according to his other email,XXXXX
    I was instructed to make my payment with the following details:

    My name: lahmidi
    My first name: hicham
    My adress: XXXXX
    Post number :XXXXX
    Town: XXXXX
    Country: XXXXX

    Note here that it says he is in ‘XXXXX’. So he’s either French, Danish, or Moroccan or all three. Either that or he has the power of appearing in more than one place at a time (Tay al-‘Ard?), something probably found in his English edition of Shams 😉

    I’ll let anyone reading this decide.

    [Some post editing from Dan – I don’t want to put up too much personal information here on someone.]

  6. Sorry to hear of your loss Iostream. I actually sent the site link to a practitioner of Ruhaniya (who doesn’t have a translation) and he said that while the bottle video involves genuine conjurations and the effects are typical of testing for jinn, the paper man as used in this context, is not known to him.

    The guy’s name I presume is Karim something since his email is XXXXX, although it could just be one of many pseudonyms. I won’t link to the site here but, change “omitted” to webs from the address Mark Segreto provided in the first comment.

    Did you receive the pdf Mark? It sounds like you at least took a look at some of the translated text from your comment.

    [Post slightly edited by Dan]

  7. listen dont try to read thiz book. why u want to die? itz reallly dangerous if ur muslim then dnt ever try to read because itz shirk

    • 786 Astaghfirullah. It’s not “shirk” at all. al-Buni (qs) was a respected Sufi who, like ibn Arabi (qs), is often subjected to attacks on his character by those who know nothing of his work.
      If you’re a wahhabi then yes, it’s shirk; but to wahhabis everything is shirk, including tasawwuf and numerous practices endorsed by the great saints and scholars of ahl as-sunnah wal jama’ah.
      I will tell you this much brother, and I remind myself first and foremost: takfir is a much more dangerous business than reading a copy of Shams al Ma’arif.

  8. Where can I get a pdf copy of this? I know Arabic and would like to have a peek. I’ve seen some of the pictures, but would like more.

    • not going to be easy mate, this is 19th century arabic riddled with codes numerology and planetary magick, I can imagine why, probably the author would have been killed if it made much sense

      I have tried translating it, too cryptic but you may try, the challenge is making sense of it.
      but good luck and tell us how it goes.

  9. Hi all, here is a very rough translation of the chapters of this beautiful book. I’m not a proper practitioner, nor much of a translator, but thought I’d give people an idea of what they can find in Shams Al Ma’arif. I’ve read through several chapters, and it’s very much tied to God & doing Gods work.

    CHAPTER ONE: about letters of the alphabet and secrets and puzzles arranged in them.
    CHAPTER TWO: on the fraction (kasr) and harmonic (bast) deployment [of the letters and Names] and the preparation of the work in the moments and hours.
    CHAPTER THREE: on trials (ahkām) of the twenty-eight heavenly lunar mansions.
    CHAPTER FOUR: about power and influence of the twelve zodiacal signs.
    CHAPTER FIVE: on the Basmala secrets, their peculiar virtues and hidden blessings.
    CHAPTER SIX: Upon spiritual retirement and ascetic exercises that lead to the worlds above.
    CHAPTER SEVEN: on the names that Jesus, !Peace be with him!, used to raise the dead.
    CHAPTER EIGHT: over the four quarters (tawāqif) of the year and seasons and their cycles
    CHAPTER NINE: on the peculiar virtues of the letters which start the Surahs of the Quran and the obvious virutes of the verses.
    CHAPTER TEN: about the mysteries of Fātiha and the known beneficial virtues.
    CHAPTER ELEVEN: on merciful creations in the illumination of the divine mercy.
    CHAPTER TWELVE: the Supreme Name of God and his occult powers.
    CHAPTER THIRTEEN: about absent letters (sawāqit) in the square Fātiha with magic and invocations.
    CHAPTER FOURTEEN: about invocations (adkār) and prayers for addressing and subordinating.
    CHAPTER FIFTEEN: the rules necessary for some people at the beginning of the early grades and the lights of the last spiritual degrees [in harmonization with divine Attributes].
    CHAPTER SIXTEEN: on the most beautiful names of God and proven utility of magic squares.
    CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: on the peculiar virtues of Kaf-hā’-yā’-‘ayn-sād and divine and sacred lyrics.
    CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: the virtues proper to the verse of the Throne and its divine blessings.
    CHAPTER NINETEEN: on the peculiar virtues of some magic squares and proven talismans.
    CHAPTER TWENTY: on-Yā’-sīn and prayers without having attended.
    CHAPTER TWENTY ONE: about [ninety-nine] most beautiful names of God, their classes (anmāt) and provisions of each class.
    CHAPTER TWENTY TWO: on the second class [of the Names of God] and their Names concessive.
    CHAPTER TWENTY THREE: The third class and what it symbolizes about the attributes of the eternity.
    CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR: on the fourth class and the names of the Lord of creatures in it.
    CHAPTER TWENTY FIVE: on the fifth class and select peculiar virtues that exist in her.
    CHAPTER TWENTY SIX: the sixth class of the secrets of contingent resolutions.
    CHAPTER TWENTY SEVEN: The seventh class for explanations of symbols in the divine influences.
    CHAPTER TWENTY EIGHT: on the eighth class and how to get started in the early grades.
    CHAPTER TWENTY NINE: on the ninth class, and the meaning of the corporeal lyrics.
    CHAPTER THIRTY: on the tenth class, about the names that control light wills.
    CHAPTER THIRTY ONE: on Arabic letters and what have [concerning] the stars, minerals, [angel] servants and spiritual beings.
    CHAPTER THIRTY TWO: about modes of use of the letters, their exercises asceticism and virtues peculiar together and separately.
    CHAPTER THIRTY THREE: on the division of the letters as spiritual kings top and bottom, and the names of those spiritual beings having each letter.
    CHAPTER THIRTY FOUR: on the explanation of the secrets of the inner circle all (Dā’ira al-ihata), known as pearls strung on the explanation of the name Supreme 1.
    CHAPTER THIRTY FIVE: the knowledge of the science of zāyrŷa, the method of their proportions and knowledge of their discs (istitāqāt).
    CHAPTER THIRTY SIX: on secret knowledge (jāfiya) 2 of the letters according to the divinatory fundamentals (ŷafriyāt) 3, and the authority of our lord Ya’far as-Sadiq 4
    CHAPTER THIRTY SEVEN: on divine emanation and bright light (ša’ša’ānī) in preparation of essences of plants, and the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone (al-hayar al-mukarram).
    CHAPTER THIRTY EIGHT: on the work of white magic (al-sīmiyā) and twelve teachings (maqalat) borne of Āsāf b. Barajya 5.
    CHAPTER THIRTY NINE: on the interpretation of the most beautiful names of God, such as mentioned in the sublime Quran, with a detailed commentary.
    CHAPTER FORTY: on prayers invoke insulated with which the rest of nights and moments.

  10. arabic is my mother tongue.
    it’s too cryptic to be translated.

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