A Tale of Solitude and Scanners

So I’ve been quiet lately, but there’s been quite a bit going on.

I’ve been trying to get the MS. to The Long-Lost Friend together, only to find a serious setback.  I wanted to cover the material in the Romanusbuchlein of Spamer, which provides some marvelously thorough discussions of charms that also appear in Hohman.  The trouble is, I’ve yet to find a way, whether at home or at work, to scan in vast amounts of German text that reads as such through OCR, so I can put it through Google Translate.  (That’s a less than perfect solution, but I mainly use it to identify passages of particular interest.)  The scanner I once used for that at work no longer works with my new Windows 7 machine (and neither does EndNote), so I’m trying to find some sort of solution to the problem.

I’m also trying to get some of Meggie’s stuff out of this place.  Due to her own circumstances, I don’t think she’ll get much of a chance herself, but I need it gone, and the sooner the better.

My Call of Cthulhu secret project revisions have been turned in, and the editor seems happy.  It does leave me without a project, save for finishing up the Friend or the massive piece that is the Folger.

I can also confess that I’m getting more involved with World of Warcraft, having brought my blood elf paladin to level 85, which is top level.  I managed to find a semi-casual guild that raids on a couple of nights per week – my perfect scenario.  Oddly enough, it’s out of our Cortland RPG group that’s recruited me.   Something in me rebels against this, in the sense that so many people have been through the same content before – yet couldn’t we say that about The Tomb of Horrors or Masks of Nyarlathotep as well?

Maybe I’m just rationalizing.

I’ve also got a review of Donald Tyson’s The Dream-World of H. P. Lovecraft in the queue, which I’m telling you about so you can bug me about it.

I’m out for now, to do some digging for night elf artifacts.

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  1. You might need to upgrade to EndNote X4, which works on Windows 7. But before you do that, take multiple backups of your library. I regularly mirror mine onto EndNote Web.

    With your scanner, if there are drivers available for Vista then they should work for Windows 7 as well. You might need to edit the meta-data manually, however, to fool Windows that the drivers are the correct version.

    • Thanks, but I really didn’t run into this problem until after I upgraded to EndNote 4.

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