A Digitized Eighteenth-Century German Grimoire

If that got your attention, you might look at this manuscript of the Liber Spirituum potentissimorum, along with works by Herpentil and Faust, digitized at the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek in Weimar.  Joe Peterson found it, and I thought I’d share it with you.

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  1. Photoshop adjustments reveal the wax seals on image 28/148:


    are of the crucifix. Never seen them in black before.

  2. RE: F 8476: Herpenti

    Herpentil is rather elusive. Georg Conrad Horst’s Zauber-Bibliothek has a partial and rather disjointed transcription. There are several PDFs of Horst in Google books.

  3. I brought this manuscript to Stephen Skinner s attention a few months ago and he was quite interested in working it. Does Joseph Peterson want to edit it as well??

    • No idea. He just posted it on his Facebook account.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention the version of Herpentil in volume 3 of Das Kloster is not the HAAB version. The HAAB version has three parts: 1) Herpentil: Liber Spirituum potentissimorum: 014-031, 2) Der dreyfache heimliche und unerforschliche D. Fausts. HöllenZwang: 032-105, and 3) Des weitberühmten Johann Faustij Schwartzer Mohren Stein oder Pentaculum Nigrum: 106-148. The HAAB version is similar to Horst’s Zauberbibliothek. Horst’s version as I mentioned is disjoint. The first part is in the second volume and the latter part is found in the first volume. The HAAB MS adds a couple semions (sigils) not found in Horst. In addition Horst’s version is German, the HAAB MS is bad Latin.

  5. Yes, the HAAB Version of Herpentil is similar to the Version in Horsts Zauberbibliothek, Vol. II ff. But you have to consider that the HAAB MS presents 3 different Grimoires of two different types. The writer maybe copied three different books into one single volume.
    The latin Herpentil stands in relation to Kornreuther and – quite near – to Scotus’ “Hell’s Coercion”. The other two are faustian grimoires from another family.

    If you dig a bit you will find a few more beautiful and rare grimoires in the HAAB pages. Mostly the faustian type because the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek is housing the famous collection of Faust related literature.



  6. […] Harms has posted a link to a digitized version of a 18th century German grimoire, which falls under the category of […]

  7. Really annoying that you can’t download the HAAB stuff as a pdf ..

    • Remember, though, this is a problem we would have loved to have just five years ago.

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