The Maqlu Text

Ross Caldwell is currently a librarian in France who works on Tarot scholarship, but at one time he was a student of the ancient Near East at Harvard.  He’s provided a new translation of the Maqlu Text, which formed the foundation for a portion of the Simon Necronomicon:

Here’s a PDF of the text and translation

The transcription is Meier’s, with some additions from Abusch’s work up to the 1990s. I have not seen his new work.

Tallqvist’s text, while wholly superceded by Meier, has the advantage of having been published when Assyriologists still published with “standard” cuneiform fonts. His edition with the cuneiform text in the Acta Societatis Scientiarum Fennicae XX, is available at the Internet Archive –

I’ve made a concordance between Meier and Tallqvist for anyone interested who can’t read cuneiform but wants to use the cuneiform text in amulets and whatnot.

I hope all of you are enjoying these links.  I hope to find the energy to start posting again soon, as several factors have kept me quiet for a while.

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  1. Always strange to read the history of this thing. It is odd, in retrospect, the evolution and development of these sort of documents. Kind of reminds you how important to human history that the written record is, when you see the lengths people have gone to refer back to the earlier writings, to fiddle and revise and add to them while trying to keep a recognizable whole.

  2. Thanks for sharing these findings Dan

    Stay Blessed!

  3. Hey Dan if you look at line 30 on this pdf translation, you will see that it is from this first tablet that the Preliminary Invocation of the Watcher in the Simon Necronomicon comes from. 🙂 Let me know your thoughts. Actually in the spells translated section of the Simon Necronomicon, it seems that the Preliminary Invocation of the Watcher comes from the “Binding of Evil Sorcerers.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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