Back to the Folger

Apologies for my relative silence.  As you might have guessed – indeed, as people have brought up with me repeatedly – the blog has become a little darker and more quiet lately.   Let’s just say that I found my inner bastard, and the two of us have been working through some things, largely like this:

Nonetheless, it’s time to catch up.  I’ve been getting back to the Friend manuscript, and I even made a trip up to the excellent History of Medicine Collection at the University of Rochester’s Miner Library.  I was hoping to find some of our mysterious ingredients, but neither the collection of pamphlet remedies nor the period pharmacopeia availed it.  Thus, I’ll have some “substance unknown” notes in the book, but I can live with that.

As you can probably tell, the Friend is being put to bed.  Some of you have provided great comments, and I have to warn you that I generally try to validate them rigorously, so it might be that you told me something important that didn’t make it into the final MS., and that its omission reflects on me and the process rather than your comments.

At any rate, I’m back at work on the Folger.  Right now, I’m looking over a document which shows a comparison between the transcription Joe Peterson made and the one I made.  I think the lesson here is that I tend to make a good number of typos during transcriptions.  After I complete that, I’ll get back to transcribing Part 3, and go forward – um, backward, I mean, as that’s how I’m transcribing that section – from there.

The Cthulhu project is done, save a good number of revisions that I need to finish.  It’ll be announced when the publisher has some cover art to show you.

Take care, everyone!

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  1. Hey, “substance unknown” means you may yet have errata for the next edition.

  2. Why not just claim these ‘unknown substances’ were the Liao Drug or Kryptonite (Caffeinated)?

    • Because that’s the sort of thinking that gets me in trouble?

      • (I realize I mean nicotine instead of caffeine… ) Are you suggesting Richard Pryor’s solution in Superman 3 isn’t ideal in Hermetic magic? Klatu Barada *cough* *cough*

  3. I originally had just as many typos, but almost never did we have the same ones. The comparison is after I incorporated your corrections.

    • Well, that makes me feel better. At some point, remind me to share the curious word on page 84. I think I figured that one out.

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