Back to the Folger Again. But, Um, Different.

So late last week I headed up to the Folger Shakespeare Library in DC once again for another look at the manuscript on which Joe Peterson, Phil Legard and I are working.   I drove down Thursday to Maryland.  Graeme Price, known best for his Delta Green articles describing the autopsies of various horrible monsters, was my host and did an excellent job of cooking with nary a piece of alien in sight, unless garlic is extraterrestrial in origin.

The Folger was as beautiful as always, and I started to compare the manuscript with the transcription.  Key on my agenda was examining the edges of the manuscript.  If you’ve had a look at the online version, you’ll see that sometimes the characters around the edges are gone.  Some of this is due to wear, but in other cases either the binding or the tape around the edges obscures the writing.  Peering into the binding and using a backlight for particular pages (after an abortive effort to use my iPod for the same purpose) turned up a good bit of the missing text.

I also had a look at a fairy summoning manuscript that Skinner and Rankine mentioned in one of their books (I forget which one at the moment).  After spending some time with the crumpled, stained, faded sheet of vellum, I gave it up as a lost cause.  Nonetheless, at least some interested party has had a look at it now.

I’ll give some more details on the more entertaining parts of the trip later.

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  1. I’d really like to know more about that fairy summoning manuscript. “Lost cause”?

    • So would I, but I’d probably have to make a special trip, or two, just to even start to decipher it.

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