Washington DC Pictures

Some of my pictures don’t seem to have been taken, including any I snapped on top of the DC Post Office, and others are far too blurry.  Obviously I will need some adjustment to this newfangled “camera” technology.  Nonetheless, here’s a few shots from the trip:

The best-looking of the shots from the American Folk Art Museum.  It was surprising – half of the pieces in their folk art gallery were of Death or the Devil.  I don’t know whether I missed the theme of the exhibition, or if this is some commentary on the US psyche.

Another picture of the devil, this one a mask of the South American Huari at the National Museum of the American Indian.  I think Michael Taussig wrote a book on this topic.

A shot of the Capitol, so you don’t think I just took pictures of the Devil in DC.

Some mysterious forbidden tentacular beast.  I say “forbidden” because we didn’t realize it was a no cameras exhibition until after I took it.  I’m not sure what art museum it was, as the art museums on the Mall exist in a complicated labyrinth of interconnected underground tunnels.

On the way back, I made a couple stops in Pennsylvania.  This is a shot of Mineral Springs Park, a.k.a. Rosenthal, near which John Georg Hohman lived.  The stream to the right is actually a stream from the spring itself, which once was quite famous for its healing properties.  The old hotel building is still there, hidden behind a modern sports club’s additions.

Nelson Rehmeyer’s house, of hex murder fame.  From this angle you can see the door to the cellar, where he supposedly conducted his powwowing business.

I also drove past the Hexenkopf, but I wasn’t too sure where it was, and there was no real place to pull over.

It was quite the fun trip, both on a professional and personal front.

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