Whither Trident Books?

Has anyone heard anything from Trident Books in a while?  I sent them payment for The Old Man of the Pyramids back in December, and I’ve yet to hear anything from them.  It looks as if the old site is down and they have a new one up, though nothing has really happened on that one.

I have heard rumblings regarding one or two projects that they’re working on, but I have no idea on how to get in touch with them now.

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  1. I ordered one of there books (Grand Grimoire) about 7 months ago .. $120 dollars down the toilet. No word from them after numerous emails.. Stay away. Be warned

    • same happened to me, $125 sent via paypal – 3 years ago!

  2. That’s just terrible! The only thing I can recommend is leave them a message via their new wordpress account. Although it looks like they’e only left the template up. You could contact wordpress directly to find out who the owner is so that you could contact them privately. Good luck…

  3. Wow yeah that’s not good at all. I’ve dealt with Trident in the past and always received what I ordered… hopefully this is a temporary thing and they’re not gone for good (with people’s money no less).

  4. I ordered the Book Of the Key Of Soloman (Teitan Press) from trident books nearly a year and a half ago. I have never received the book and from what I can tell my check has not been cashed. I have tried to e-mail but have had no response. Previous to this I had purchased other books from Trident Books and received the books and good service. What has become of Mr. James Banner and his Trident Books?

  5. I have ordered from Trident in the past and have gotten the books only after several monts, and after writing several inquiries about their shipping. The reply was then not friendly.

    Some years after this, me and a friend of mine ordered books from Trident. My friend ordered one book and I ordered several. When the paccage arrived his book was not in it. I altso ordered the book, and I got my copy so we figured that it was just some misstake. We contacted Trident. The answers was allways full of excuses and in the end I was told that the book was being made and had to dry, etc before he sendt it. He promised to have it sendt within a week. Nothing happened. I tried to write Trident several times more, but I never got any reply. This is some three years ago and I still havent received the book.

    My advise about Trident books is to not shop books directly from them, and instead purchase trident editions from other more reliable sources.

  6. I ordred ,The Grand Grimoire,Treasure of The Old Man of The Pyramids and (Teitan Press) The Book of The Key of Solomon from Trident Books which became the worst online time i`ve ever had.To cut a very very long story short i got my books over a year after ordering them and that was only due to a sustained e-mailing campaign and phone calls etc,i even spoke to Ouroboros Press to see if they could get in contact with them as they co-produced the 1st ed of The Grand Grimoire. I also got in touch with Paypal and they were unable to do anything as it was past their 10wk money back policy bearing in mind TRIDENT say to give them 6-10 wks for delivery. Over a year later
    the first book to arrive was the Grand Grimoire,after fanning through it i found some pages MISSING and others were not even in sync plus at the back of the book the leather was badly damaged.The next book to arrive was The Key of Solomon which was put into a thin card envelope with no packaging so when it arrived in the UK to me the book was badly damaged,the third book was ok. The guy who own`s Trident Books is James Banner,he`s a one man band so makes the books as well so if he doesn`t reply to your pleas then i would suggest getting in touch with his friend William J Kiesel of Ouroboros Press.However i would advise anyone NEVER to purchase books from this guy,i`ve seen way too many horror stories about people paying for but never getting their books.The only reason i got my books is because of sheer determination which still took over a year and after that only one book was worth keeping. I eventually bought some books from Ouroboros Press which was first class from start to finish. So please,be very wary of Trident Books,it cost me alot of upset and alot of money.

  7. […] follow up on the last post about Trident Books, I saw a copy of their paperback Tuba Veneris on the eBay store and decided to take a chance and […]

  8. […] follow up on the last post about Trident Books, I saw a copy of their paperback Tuba Veneris on the eBay store and decided to take a chance and […]

  9. I’m a new person to the arts and i have been doing a lot of research on getting the best text to conduct my practices, how do I find contact info to purchace from Trident? I love the Facebook page they have and I have read the views of long waited books, please help me for I am a patient guy who wants to give it a try myself. Thanks

  10. In the late 1990’s I was fortunate enough to obtain three books published by Trident when “The Grimoirium Verum” (deluxe 1/4 cobra over papyrus limited to 100 unnumbered copies), “The Grand Grimoire” (deluxe full morocco limited to 500 numbered copies) and “The Ars Notoria” (deluxe full morocco limited to 500 numbered copies) first became available from them. I didn’t go directly through Trident but purchased them at issue price from Serpent’s Occult Books out of Florida (not sure if they are still in business, but if they are they are a great bookseller to deal with).
    Unfortunately it seems Trident is out of business. I know they sold off a number of remainders on Ebay. It is a shame because the quality of their books and binding is beautiful and a nice addition to any occult library. Now the only way to obtain the few grimoires they published is on the secondary market, primarily Ebay, but expect to pay a very large premium as their books are highly sought after and quite valuable.

    • I sent then $125 for the Grand Grimoire a few years back (maybe 3) and despite follow up on ebay I never received any response

      • I had the same issue. After a year and a half I tracked them down on there Facebook page. And I finally got my copy of the Grim Grimoire. Look them up on fb…

      • I tracked them down on there Facebook page. And I finally got my copy of the Grim Grimoire. Look them up on fb…

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