Bookhounds of London Limited Edition Arrives

The limited edition of Pelgrane PressBookhounds of London has arrived here.  Pelgrane promised to include some unique ephemera in each lot.  To participate in the ongoing discussion thereon, here’s what I have:

1 leatherbound copy of the book (my word is “Amorphous”)
1 copy of Liber Fumo, the occult guide to London (review here)
1 copy of Official Guide to Windsor Castle, the Town and neighborhood of Windsor (c. 1934)
1 postcard showing the Imperial Institute in London, sent from “Aleck” to Mr. W. A. Romley, Eastcliff, Folkestone
1 postcard of a man and two women in a flower-covered car, no message
1 postcard of eleven women in diaphanous dresses, appearing to be some sort of dance troupe, no message
1 clue as to the death of Augustus Darcy, pictured here:

Some people have an inscription on the back of their token.  I can say with confidence that mine does not.    The mystery remains.

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  1. Take a look at the photo, change the leaves for lines and what have you got? Clue: compare it to my avatar on YSDC…

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