Cleveland Rocks?

This weekend I drove up to Cleveland to hitch a ride with my parents to Ann Arbor to see my nephew for his pre-first birthday party.  He’s doing well, having acceded to my ultimatum to start walking by this time.  Then again, my unreasonable demands should probably have been less about him walking and more about him grabbing at my laptop every chance he got.

Nonetheless, a good time was had with burgers and cake and toys and ridiculous songs and dances.  I did participate in the last two, but no records have been maintained.

A mysterious flickering light came on my dash during the trip, with the result that I am now writing this from a car dealership in Cleveland waiting for repairs.  I’ve been assured they will be done very shortly and I can return to upstate New York.

I’ve been working with people on various projects, none of which I’m ready to talk about yet.  A couple of pieces of advice to young writers:  Even if you think someone has created a Mary Sue character, it’s best not to bring it up with that author when discussing projects with them.  This is especially true if it implies the author’s idealized fictional self is sadistic, manipulative, unscrupulous, demented, and/or has odious personal habits.  On the whole, I’m more baffled than anything else about the exchange.

Before my trip, I had two welcome arrivals:  David Rankine’s The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet and a copied manuscript from the UK.  (Apparently high-end RPG projects come with a tracking number and must be signed for, while reproductions of unpublished magical material are dropped off without fanfare.  Go figure.)  I should have the review of the former up in a day or two.  The latter I’m still examining, but it has some material within relevant to the Folger.

Take care.  I hope to have Big News of one sort or another soon, but I’ve learned to be circumspect about such things until all the arrangements are made.

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  1. So, are you still stuck? Where, approx, are you in Cleveland? Need a rescue for a couple hours?
    Ian Corrigan

    • Ian,

      I’m actually doing fine – I was practically out on the road by the time you posted. I do appreciate the offer, though.

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