Forthcoming – Asprem’s Arguing with Angels: Enochian Magic and Modern Occulture

This title was mentioned on the SASM mailing list, and I think it’s of sufficient interest to tote here:

This fascinating work explores John Dee’s Enochian magic and the history of its reception. Dee (1527–1608/9), an accomplished natural philosopher and member of Queen Elizabeth I’s court, was also an esoteric researcher whose diaries detail years of conversations with angels achieved with the aid of crystal-gazer Edward Kelley. His Enochian magic offers a method for contacting angels and demons based on secrets found in the apocryphal Book of Enoch.

Examining this magical system from its Renaissance origins to present day occultism, Egil Asprem shows how the reception of Dee’s magic is replete with struggles to construct and negotiate authoritative interpretational frameworks for doing magic. Arguing with Angels offers a novel, nuanced approach to questions about how ritual magic has survived the advent of modernity and demonstrates the ways in which modern culture has recreated magical discourse.

No release date is given as of yet – the page says May, but the book hasn’t appeared anywhere of 2012.  I’ll let you know when I hear more.

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  1. That’s May *2012*, so there’s still another 9 months to wait. Thanks for reposting this btw; a bit more info on my own blog here: (confusingly, we have the same theme). – Egil

    • Excellent! I’ll make the change.

      I’d be interested in reviewing the book here when it comes out. It’s not the most scholarly forum, but it will get it attention that it won’t get in other venues. Plus, they usually show up in the top 10 Google results for the title…

      • I’ll certainly keep that in mind and see if SUNY will provide you a review copy.

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