The Unspeakable Oath at GenCon and Call of Cthulhu Campaigns

You should check out the audio of the Unspeakable Oath presentation at GenCon, if you haven’t already.   I am only present in spirit, but I do get a couple mentions.

I was also inspired by this to actually write an article about running a Call of Cthulhu campaign.  Pieces on tabletop management, world-building, frightening your players, etc., have appeared plenty of times, but we’ve rarely seen anything on how to run a long-term Cthulhu game, outlining how to create a living campaign, how to write adventures, how to organize downtime, etc.  Every so often I have pieces that I write in a frenzy just because I need to get them out, and this was one of them.  I’ll run it by the other Oath editors shortly, so they can decide whether it’s worth showing the rest of you.

I’ve got about four reviews in the hopper right now, an academic article needing final edits, a scenario that’s about half done, and the Folger manuscript, which is getting to the point that we need editorial guidance on how it should appear. It’s a pretty big book even now, before the footnotes, translations of the Latin, and any introductory material.

This weekend involved an abortive attempt to watch The Human Centipede, and a viewing of the excellent documentary Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown.  I also watched Eyes of the Mothman last week, which managed the unbelievable task of talking about the Mothman phenomenon for two and a half hours without ever mentioning John Keel or Gray Barker.

More later.

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  1. Dan,

    Skip the movie and see the musical version instead:

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