Frederick Hockley, Paschal Beverly Randolph, and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

Just came across this passage in The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor by Godwin, Chanel, and Deveney:

Fryar offered for sale a variety of mirror ceremonials, including an old manuscript on scrying entitled “Crystallomancy, or the Art of Drawing Spirits into the Crystal.”

Fryar is Robert H. Fryar, a bookseller from Bath who was the agent for selling the works of Paschal Beverly Randolph in Britain, as well as one of the likely founding members of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.  Crystallomancy is the manuscript written or copied by Frederick Hockley.  It’s not much of a connection, but it nonetheless brings together two separate strands of nineteenth-century occultism.

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  1. There’s another link – Hockley’s acquantance Walter Moseley was also associated with Randolph, and he also came into a number of Hockley MSS. when Fred died. However, I don’t think he had much time to enjoy them, since he also died in the year the Redway catalogue was published! Moseley’s library was also sold through Redway, and F.G.Irwin probably picked up the remaining Hockley MSS in Moseley’s library, although he only had a few years left in him at that time too!

    BTW, I’ll be looking at the catalogue for Moseley’s library at UGLE in October/November – anything you want me to look out for?

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