Flooding and Folger

I had to evacuate from the Undisclosed Location on Wednesday night due to flooding.   I have an eyewitness report that the UL was unharmed – save no one looked in the basement – but I can’t go back until the local authorities give the order, which could be a while.  In the meantime, I’ll be staying with friends and carting around two computers, four bags of hard-to-replace books, and a cantankerous snake who still isn’t convinced I’m not responsible for all of this.

In the meantime, I’d like to than Josiah Bacon, Alan Thorogood, and Alvin for their comments for the Book of Oberon.  This project and The Long-Lost Friend have involved juggling a great deal of data at once, so it’s always appreciated when someone asks, “Did you think about this?” or offers to help.  That Maggs Brothers sale of Oberon might be buried somewhere in our notes, but if so, I’d forgotten it, and I was about to trek back through WorldCat to see where Meyerstein might have bought it.

Josiah also raises a question about the images in Fred Gettings’ works, which appear quite similar to the Folger manuscript with some Goetic seals around the material.  We’ve been looking at that and trying to follow up, with few results.    It’s hard to say whether this is an independent manuscript or not.   Speaking as a non-specialist in manuscripts, I can say the margins in Gettings’ works look broader than a scribe keen on maximizing paper would use, but I could be wrong.

If you’re worried about me, or others in the area, and live in the US, please call your members of Congress.  The NOAA, the government agency that warned us about the flooding, is due to a huge funding cut on October 1, which will prevent much of their forecasting ability for future catastrophes.  This is really colossally stupid, as any savings will likely be outweighed by increased costs of handling disasters, plus the human cost in injuries and deaths.  Here’s the link for writing your House member, and another for your senators.

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  1. Glad to hear you and the snake are safe. I hope you didnt keep any books in the basement.

  2. Hopefully the man-eating deer can’t swim.

  3. Wow. I’ve been hearing about the flooding and its after-effects out Binghamton way and have been thanking my lucky stars I don’t live over there. I hope the Undisclosed Location is not in as bad shape as they are. The dam protected us here in glamorous, bustling Elmira. I wish you the best and that you soon are able to go home.

  4. Regarding the image in Gettings’ book, this is not an independent manuscript, the source is the Maggs catalogue. Plate XXV from Maggs 520 reproduces, in red and black, p. 88 of what is now the Folger MS. Someone has removed the plate from a copy of the catalogue, torn away the top and bottom of the page containing the plate number and description, and added the goetic seals. The catalogue is a smallish quarto and the size of the image has been reduced to fit, so the left margin of the Maggs plate is more than 5cm in width, leaving ample space for these additions.
    The image of Maymon elsewhere in Gettings’ ‘Dictionary…’ is a similarly modified plate from the Maggs catalogue.
    BTW, all of the photographs attributed to Charles Walker in Gettings’ books are currently held by the picture library topfoto.co.uk; for the modified Maggs/Folger image, search for 0761985.

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