Now Is the Late Fall of My Discontent

I told myself that apologizing for not blogging is silly, so I won’t.  Still, I should explain my silence.

I’m at a bit of a low ebb at the moment.  This year has been absolutely insane.  Tenure and promotion.  Meggie’s departure.  Work ramping up and ramping down.  Working hard on The Long-Lost Friend, an article, a book project, and two works for Cthulhu, all coming due within weeks of each other.  The trip to France.  A return to jump in with some event planning with my friends.

And now, it’s over.  It’s just me and the snake, who is considering eating me.  There’s a small matter of scale that prevents that, of course.

France really knocked me for a loop.  Mind you, it was wonderful and spectacular and life-changing and I will never regret any part of it.  If you’ve got a Facebook account, you can see my album.  Nonetheless, it was also very taxing to be an introvert traveling alone in a country in which one does not have a great command of the language, so it left me feeling exhausted and desiring solitude.

There is, of course, the Book of Oberon, which creeps along toward completion.  Joe’s making textual comparisons and translations and Phil’s got the art.  I’m working on the introduction, while taking stabs from time to time at transcribing yet another Oberion rite located at a Scottish archive.   In any case, it’s very slow, precise work, with a great deal of fact-checking and doubling back to make sure that everything is accurate and that a particular phrase doesn’t include any mistaken assumptions.

I need a project – something that’s mine, that I can grab and handle at my own pace.  I’m dabbling in a screenplay and thinking about two or three possibilities, but nothing’s really caught my interest just yet.  Having something to work on is really a great aid to me psychologically.

It’d be good to hear from people, in the comments or by email.   Say hi, suggest stuff, ask questions about France.  Lest anyone be concerned, I’m not depressed – life has too much neat stuff for me to play with for any funk to last.  I’m just feeling a bit aimless right now.


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  1. If you were a masochist, I might suggest making an index to the various and sundry ebook editions of Lovecraft’s stuff, so people actually have some vague clue what they’re buying.

  2. Well, for a first suggestion: Feed the snake.

    Other than that, you may perhaps want to look into a more detailed RPG attempt? Something that is simply how YOU would want to write it, without having to deal with co-authors or time tables till you’re ready to show people what you’ve done?

  3. Hi!

    While you were in France, did you go looking for the Rue d’Auseil? Or Averoigne? Or both? Or better yet, did you pretend to yourself that you did?

    Always interested in whatever you’re up to, you two-fisted occultist, you.

  4. Did you go in quest of esoteric locales in France (Nicholas Flamel’s house and tombstone in Paris, etc.)?

    I’m surprised you haven’t commented on the decipherment of the Copiale cipher (, “The mysterious cryptogram, bound in gold and green brocade paper, reveals the rituals and political leanings of an 18th-century secret society in Germany. The rituals detailed in the document indicate the society had a fascination with eye surgery and ophthalmology, though it seems members of the society were not eye doctors.”) I haven’t had a chance to read the translation in detail, but I imagine from that description it reads something like:

    The candidate for admission looks into the Instrument of Destiny.
    Worshipful Master: Better like this?
    Congregation: …or better like this?
    WM: Number 1?
    C: …or Number 2?

    If you haven’t picked up the new Umberto Eco book (_The Prague Cemetery_), you’d probably enjoy it. Lots of mid-19th cent. French esoteric weirdness (the writing of _The Protocols of Zion_, Leo Taxil and his anti-Masonic hoaxes, etc.) I was lucky enough to hear him talk about the book in the DC area Weds. evening.

    Looking forward to the Book of Oberon — I saw a couple folios at the Folger as part of one on their exhibits, but haven’t seen the entire thing, and will be interested to see the parallel/derivative material you’ve found.

  5. Write some more fiction. I’m trying it, and I’m a talentless hack, so you’re already one up on me.

  6. How about a new edition of the Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia? Do you have a plan to revise it in the future? I don’t think that it can be a short-term project, and it may be inappropriate to take it up here. Nonetheless, I am very much interested.

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