The Conjure Codex, from Hadean Press

The most impressive release from Hadean Press so far is the Conjure Codex, a compendium of lore on modern evocation practice featuring the work of many authors.  I gave the compilers a tip on where to find some information, in exchange for which they sent a contributor’s copy.

The book contains a number of articles from several authors drawing together a wide variety of spiritual practices – grimoires such as the Grimorium Verum and the Ars Paulina, shamanism, necromancy, Afro-Caribbean religion, and hoodoo – and discussing their relations.  I’m still not convinced of the grimoire-shamanism link in particular, and I might have something to write about that later, but there’s a great deal of material that displays the range of modern grimoire magic practice.  I particularly enjoyed the introduction and interview with Jake Stratton-Kent, along with Humberto Maggi’s piece on his work with the Ars Paulina.

For those who don’t find that appealing, I’d point out two other pieces therein.  The first is a translation of the classic occult work The Comte de Gabalis, while the other is The Queen of the Hairy Flies, a treasure-hunting treatise published here in English for the first time.

I should also add that the photographs and illustrations on esoteric topics, the work of various artists, are simply beautiful.  It’s certainly not what I expected from a book at this price.

If any of this interests you, or if you’ve found either The True Grimoire or Geosophia appealing, then I’d recommend this as an acquisition for your collection.

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