Forthcoming – The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius

I was wondering when we’d see the next edition of a grimoire advertised when I came across this on the Avalonia Books site:

The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius by David Rankine & Paul Harry Barron
The Grimoire of Pope Honorius is one of the earliest French black magic grimoires, with a very bad reputation due to its emphasis on some of the major demons and fallen angels like Astaroth and Lucifer.  The curious mixture of material from other grimoires resulted in a unique work, whose influence on later magical traditions, particularly Wicca, has been largely ignored.  This new translation by Paul Harry Barron includes material from several other manuscript versions.

I have to say that this raises more questions than it answers for me.  Joe Peterson’s CD has at least three different French editions of the Grimoire of Honorius, and we’ve seen two and a half English editions of the book published (a facsimile edition from Caduceus Books, the mass market edition by whatsisface, and one section of the charms translated into English), not counting an odd German edition published in the 19th centuryby Scheible that Trident put out a while back.   I’d like to know whether this is a compilation of the material from the three editions, what manuscripts are being used, and if it’s going to refer to the Eliphas Levi notes that are compiled in a special collections copy I’ve viewed.  I hope that some information will be forthcoming on the contents soon.

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  1. It was scheduled for release last year (2011) but, as with other Avalonia publications, missed it’s release date. They haven’t given an estimated release in 2012 yet.

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