Call of Cthulhu Online Game, Session 1

I wanted to get back into some Call of Cthulhu, as I’ve been feeling lately that I’ve been reading and writing too much about it lately and not playing it enough.  Last Monday, my Skype group met for the first time, with two old players and two new ones for a classic 1920s Lovecraft Country game.  We had:

James Dillard, dilettante from Vermont
Fred Shaw, mechanic
David Jeffries, professor of classics at Miskatonic
Roisin O’Reilly, crime family forger

All of them live in Arkham and are members of the Eye of Amara Society.

Most of the action in the first session revolved around a copy of Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan that one of the members found at the train station.  It soon became clear that the book belonged to the Whateley bequest to Miskatonic, and more than one person was interested in the book.  The group warded off both an attack by some degenerate Dunwich inhabitants and an assault on a dorm by a winged monstrosity.  In the end, they returned the book to Doctor Armitage, who discussed the dangers inherent in such works with them.

It was a good session overall, with only a small amount of trouble with Skype and some good roleplaying.  We’ll have another session the week after next, and I’ll keep you updated.


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  3. Hey Dan,

    Adam, Phil and I were looking at Google hangouts as a way to play online – especially as there are some nice apps (dice rollers etc) to go along with it. I wondered why you chose to use Skype?

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