Call of Cthulhu, Session 2

On June 7, 1929, four strangers entered the town of Dunwich, Massachusetts.  They visited with Joe Osbourne and Squire Whateley, stating that Professor Armitage had sent them to investigate Amos Whateley and his interest in books at the Miskatonic Library.  After making their inquiries, they rented two horses and a buggy to travel north to visit Curtis Whateley, who hasn’t been quite right since the Horror.

It’s not entirely clear what happened to the inhabitants of Dunwich.  Only one of the four returned to the town that evening, driving a buggy carrying a pellet-riddled corpse that resembled none of his companions.  He claimed that another friend was crouched behind a dead horse a ways up the road.  The other two are still missing, but screams have been heard from the direction of that shunned site the locals call the Devil’s Hopyard.

As you can imagine, this was a lot of fun.

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  2. I want to decalare myself as personal sovereign!!!

  3. Hello Dan –
    Nasty rumor has it that you used to be involved with the NecronomiCon, here is hoary old Providence. If so, would you be willing to divulge some esoterica to me?

    – an enquiring mind.

    • I was a guest at a couple of them, yes, back in the day.

      • Any chance I could ask you some questions via email? A small cadre of us are hoping to rekindle NecronomiCon (or something in that vein) once again…

  4. In response to Niels: Um, you could, but I wouldn’t have any great insight into how the convention was actually run, save outsider feedback. Stil interested?

    • Yes – that’d still be great. Particularly, I’d like to hear whatever feedback you’d have – as well as what you’d like to see happen in a renewed -Con, what would most get you to return.

      • I’d like to see it take place in the UK… Does that count as feedback?

      • Erm, well, I suppose it counts as such – but not quite the feedback I was looking for. I realize I only implied this, but we’re thinking Providence is overdue for a renewed NecronomiCon…
        Any thoughts in that regard would be greatly appreciated – obviously, I’m contacting you because I put great value in your ongoing contribution to keeping the Old Man’s memory alive. That, and I think you’d particularly appreciate the particular focus we’d like to put on this one.
        Please feel free to contact me via email if we can discuss this more.
        Thanks very much for your thoughts and time thus far.

      • Woops – apologies – I thought that was a comment from Dan, not you, Dave. Explains the UK query…
        Ha ha – sorry for shooting off a reply. Of course, I’d like to hear from HPL fans from around the world, as we’d love to have that kind of draw. But, for now, I’m trying to stay focused on making initial contacts and gathering intitial thoughts.

        FYI – the thinking is, we’d shoot for having thic convention in the fall of 2013 – in Providence!

      • That’s okay, I was kidding anyway!!! (Not about wanting a UK convention, but about the suggestion of NecronomiCon coming to the UK!!!)

        Maybe if I ever make my “Haunter of the Dark” animated movie, I can come and show that in Providence sometime…

      • Cool! Well, keep an eye out – and we’ll do the same for your project – we’re certainly wanting to have a film component to this. Kinda mandatory these days, eh?
        Now, get animating!

      • I’m waiting on a new hard drive… I’ve had the script and the concept design ready for years…

      • Sorry for taking up so much bandwidth here – perhaps contact me offlist via my email – I’d like to hear more about it. At least please do follow up with me when this comes to fruition – it sounds like you’d have a great reception in Providence next year, elder-gods willing.

  5. Ahhh… my new hardrive is due to be delivered tomorrow. Then I can transfer my files from my old PC to my laptop and look into developing the project further. It was originally written as part of my University Degree (Masters). It will (hopefully) be a computer-animated version of the story (one of my favourites) but I don’t have any finance to develop it so I don’t know how far I’m going to get on my own.

    • Ah – I know that pain well. You should consider as a way to raise funds.
      I know a couple people who’ve raised a decent amount for projects and for bands, etc.
      Good luck!

      • I’ve been thinking about that, but want to get a bit further with the project on my own before I go that route because I’d be worried that I’d never get the project done when all these people had given me money…

        If I can build some assets and put together a rough-cut then I’ll consider Kickstarter as a source of funding for voice actors, music and – later – promotion and funding the Blu Ray release or something…

        Kind Regards

  6. I love that cover of the e-book edition because it shews Grandpa. I’ve noticed that two of the Arkham House editions of HPL’s tale are o.p., and that makes me happy cos I hate those cartoonish jacket illustrations. The best cover image for a Lovecraft book is Grandpa’s mug–I mean, Great Yuggoth! He looks like a haunted horror author!

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