The Long Lost Friend, and a Friend of a Friend

That’s right – I’m starting to get email from readers indicating that they now own my new edition of The Long-Lost Friend.  You can order a copy at your local bookstore, or buy it online.

By an odd coincidence, it turns out that another book by John Georg Hohman on magic will appear this month.  Patrick Donmoyer has issued a new edition of Hohman’s little-known work, Der Freund in der Noth (or The Friend in Need), a short work of magic published seven years before The Long-Lost Friend.  The book is only available through the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center via check or money order, so you’ll need to go to their site to start the process.

More later.

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  2. (2 years since the last post):

    In a podcast interview you mention that “The Long-Lost Friend” was generally used by people who did not have access to conventional medical care. They might have been the better for it. In John Keegan’s “The Face of Battle” there is a description of the “treatment” by physicians of a British army officer wounded at Waterloo. After the wounded man had the bullet cut out of him (certainly with no antiseptics and probably no anesthesia) he was bled of a quart of blood, transported by riding on a horse, bled daily after that until he finally refused to allow it, and began to recover only after the wound burst open and released a lot of pus. Hohman’s poultices and charms couldn’t possibly have been worse than that.

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