Call of Cthulhu Update

Oh, yes.  I have a blog, right?  Well, I’d best get some use out of it.  I’ll be posting some interesting magical stuff as I go (notably a review of Egil Asprem’s new book on Enochian magic).   Still, I wanted to update you on our Call of Cthulhu campaign, now into its sixth session.  (Spoilers of sorts for H. P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich.)

Many complications have befallen our group.  The ownership of the Whateley bequest to Miskatonic University has been challenged by a relative, who appears to be backed by a mysterious group that hides behind the facade of the Benevolent Elks and which claims to be fighting back the darkness in its own way.   As their claim has been backed by Dr. Armitage, this has led to some concern among the group as to what should be done with the books.  It has also come to their attention that person or persons unknown in Arkham might also desire the books for their own unknown ends.

(Note:  I originally thought to make the interested party the Silver Twilight, but Elks of uncertain motivation have been much more fun so far.)

In the meantime, the dilettante did some scouting on his own.  He woke to find himself in jail in the town of Bolton under suspicion of murder.  After a short time, a woman from the Elks Auxiliary came, drugged him, and extracted him for purposes unknown.  He made his way back to Arkham, where he met up with his fellow investigators, the mechanic and the Catholic high school graduate / forger, at the Eye of Amara Society (the Catholic lady apparently having some liberal theology).

When all three of them were together, a monster hurtled through a window, attacking Jason Gaspard, the esteemed and drunk leader of the Society.  The monster was swiftly dispatched with the shotgun of the maddened dilettante.  The three of them cleaned up, with the dilettante deciding to put on coveralls and start growing a mustache now that he’s wanted by the law.  Eventually, they noticed that Gaspard was still lying bloody on the floor, so they treated his wounds and helped him uip.

We also have another character seeking out signs of the Hyperboreans through their artifacts.  He was led by a clue back to Dunwich, where he decided to do some scouting on his own into a swamp.  He did manage to run out, screaming about monsters, so I suppose it turned out for the best.

Now the group has reassembled and is off to look for stills in the Dunwich area, in hope that they can implicate the Whateley cousin in some illegal doings and therefore prevent the transfer of the Necronomicon and other horrid tomes outside the hallowed halls of Miskatonic.   The exception is the Hyperborean scholar, who has decided he doesn’t quite want to go to Dunwich.  It seems bad things happen there every time he goes…

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